Top 7 Tech Startups in New York City

Recently, Business Insider published its Silicon Alley 100, an article including todays’s most inspiring and influential people in New York tech.  In October, a new list published by Business Insider selected the “65 hottest startups in New York City“.  All the companies on the list are private tech companies based in New York City that have raised venture-capital funding. This blog post includes the Top 7 NYC Startups from the list. #7: Cofounder and… Read more →

The New Digital “Glue”: Integrating Water, Energy, Transport and Waste Systems in Cities Around the World

Today, the emerging Internet of Things infrastructure provides the means to lift hundreds of millions of human beings out of abject poverty and into a sustainable quality of life. In Africa, Asia and the Americas, many third world countries are witnessing local communities connecting to each other and the outside world via mobile technology. In turn, residents in these isolated… Read more →

Together but Not Equal: Bringing Wifi To All Of New York City

Today, bandwidth in the home is essential as any other modern utility; like phone service, electricity and running water.  Access to the Internet brings advantages that most people take for granted: a chance to apply for jobs online, connections with family and friends, access to virtual library shelves, information about medical and health issues, online education – GED completion and college courses –… Read more →

Humans of Pakistan with Brandon Stanton

Brandon Stanton started the immensely popular “Humans of New York” with modest expectations and credits “small evolutions over a long period of time” for the immense success of the blog. Since becoming famous, creating a best-selling book and earning over 14 million Facebook followers, Stanton has evolved the blog further to tell stories about humans outside of New York. His latest… Read more →

New York’s Top Startups

New York’s perfect combination of talent, money and creative culture has made the city a leader in tech entrepreneurship. Silicon Valley got a huge jump on New York when technology started to permeate society. This was largely due to the economic cluster it had cultivated over decades. Now that this technology is more accessible to everyone New York’s triple threat is helping it… Read more →

NYC Outdoor Summer Workouts

With summer officially underway in New York City, New Yorker’s are hitting the streets and parks to stay fit while enjoying what the city has to offer. What many people tend to lose focus of is the idea that the city offers many great free workout options across many of the boroughs. With yoga being offered throughout the five boroughs, there are… Read more →

Celebrate Brooklyn

With Prospect Park being neglected decade after decade, the city of Brooklyn began hosting Celebrate Brooklyn, a performing arts festival which has been taking place in Prospect Park since 1979. The festivals goals are to advocate and exemplify the talent and culture that Brooklyn has to offer. With musical events and performances, the turnout is stronger each year. With activities and events… Read more →

Spring in NYC

With the Spring season underway, the streets, parks, and outdoor eateries in New York City are buzzing with excitement. The great city of New York has so much to offer including bustling parks, exciting new museums, outdoor bars, and America’s favorite pastime, baseball. Here are a few activities you can enjoy on a nice Saturday afternoon while enjoying the Big… Read more →

Street Lights Or Nightmare?

In an effort to save millions of dollars, New York City has been installing energy saving lightbulbs in street lights throughout Brooklyn since 2013. Even though the city is saving close to $14 million a year, residents are not happy with the lights and the nuisance they create. Many residents in Brooklyn explained their frustration when interviewed with the New… Read more →